IT Internship - Paid

  • Client Services
  • Houston, United States

IT Internship - Paid

Job description

We are looking for extraordinary individuals with immense technical talent for a paid internship. Do you have a server (or server rack!) in your room? Are you ahead of your peers and professors in practical knowledge about IT? If so, this opportunity will allow you to showcase what you can already do and grow faster than you imagine possible.

We see the value in remote work. In fact, we mostly work remotely, but we also meet as a team and visit customer locations regularly. So at this time, we're not considering applicants who reside outside of Houston.



  • Assist staff consultants in deploying and supporting Microsoft, VMware, and various other technologies
  • Work at client locations in Houston area as well as remotely
  • Use proper practices for project management and documentation


  • Degrees, certifications, and other formal education is nice but not required. Can you walk the walk? That's what we care about.
  • You need to have assembled computers, setup firewalls, installed Linux, built a website, run virtual machines, and done other cool things. You must be a techie at your core.
  • Our company operates as a meritocracy, but meritocracy doesn't mean technocracy. To join our team, your character must keep pace with your technical talent -- you must get along with others, show up on time, always be helpful, and operate openly and ethically.

Internship Details

  • 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday
  • $20-$25 per hour, depending on your talents
  • Permanent position after successful 90 day review